A wonderful program that covers shapes, colors, visual discrimination,
opposites, matching, story sequence, classification, tracing, writing, coloring,
auditory discrimination, letter recognition, letter sounds, zero, counting
from 1-10, vocabulary  development, and the seasons.  By looking, talking, singing, and dancing, the students will be engaged in important concepts  in the way that they learn best. 

We feel that supplementing our curriculum with other resources will lead to a well rounded student in every academic,
social, and emotional area.  We strive to grow the love for learning in each student and this is made possible with a variety of materials and learning opportunities provided to them.

What will my student learn about at Little Christian Learning Center?

Science (technology, physical science, earth science, life science), creative development (dramatic play, music and dance, visual art), mathematics (logic, patterns, shapes, numbers, addition, subtraction, non-standard measurement), physical development (gross motor, health and safety, fine motor), language arts (emergent writing, emergent reading, communication, listening), socio-emotional development (self management, self concept, social relationships), and character (respect, responsibility, caring, good citizenship).

All inquiries and enrollment questions please email: Blair@littlechristianlearningcenter.com