Space in School

As a registered or licensed child-care home, the state of Texas requires that each child must have at least 30 square feet of usable activity space. Little Christian Learning Center enrolls 12 students, and well exceeds the minimum requirement for usable activity space.

Childrens well-being, social interactions, and behaviors are directly correlated to the amount of space that they have in their classroom.

Public pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms require a minimum of 36 square feet per pupil. Research has repeatedly confirmed that around 50 square feet is required to minimize students stress levels.

It is essential that childcare facilities and schools create environments that keep childrens cortisol levels down. Cortisol tends to be indicative of psychological distress, and are raised when children are in learning environments that provide less than 50 square feet per student. Raised cortisol levels can affect physical growth, behavioral outcomes, memory and cognitive processes, and immune functioning.

To read about the the public Preschool dilemma of finding space to provide quality Preschool programs for todays children, please visit the National Institute For Early Education Research.